Heather Shutzler Janurary 18, 1977 – March 13, 2015

Our hearts are saddened at the sudden loss of our daughter Heather Schutzler. Heather was part of FFTP and was the lead barista with the Italian Soda Service. She was taken Friday suddenly after a long courageous battle with Lupus. her life was cut way to short. Below is a Tribute from her Auntie Sandi. heather we love you and miss you with all our hearts. Mom and Timmy

A tribute from Heather’s Auntie Sandi from Connecticut. This says it all.
Sandi Orsini wrote: Heather left on earth her very loving giving best friend and other half of her husband Brian, 2 beautiful, intelligent loves of her life daughters..Mia & Katriel…Her Mom Sharon Antoniak, loving sister Amber, brother-in-law Jason, nephews,. Joshua & Noah…loving step-Dad Tim Antoniak…many loving cousins, friends and church family. Heather worked at Ohio University Hospital Lab Dept. for 14 yrs…thru research & work is on 5 published medical papers, had a couple degrees at the top of the class…and while being “wife & Mother, full time worker, she also went back to college to earn a degree for nursing (and accomplished this a year ago). She also was very involved with her church…volunteering to be with the kids in nursery and Bible quizzes with the young adults…valued her church family, close friends, There was so much more to this young woman…but in brief that’s what I thought I might see…to let all who knew her just casually to know the whole person..Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings, but in my heart this was my niece since she was born. I see the little girl sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for Daddy to come home and talk with her…knocking on the bathroom door for Mommy to open..want to see you, mommy”..sitting an the couch next to baby sister late at night rubbing Amber’s arm saying….sleep baby sleep…no cry…looking up at Gammie Nelly while Grammy was feeling her way around Heather’s body because Nelly had lost her site…saying love you, love you too…to Grammy.playing with cousins Tommy Jr. and Laura out in the back yard…as young teenager laying on her bed reading with a pile of books on the floor next to her for tomorrow read…Her prom…getting ready for the beautiful portrait Gail had her take…How lovely she looked in her wedding gown and how her face just glowed when she talked of Brian and their future together to come..When she called me to let me know she was pregnant and right after Mia was born..So very many more memories, but now I think of her as our special angel..Wish I were there to hug and hold you, Amber,Tim and if he’d let me Brian…Know we are there and we share the love , sorrow and celebrate her life with you on Wednesday and all the days to come…Blessings always…love Sandi Orsini


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